Don’t be fooled, now. This isn’t the beginning of an epic memoir about finding myself. 

To put it simply, I have been down in the dumps, in a slump. I think it’s what they call “the winter blues.” I just haven’t felt myself, happy, or right. Honestly, I don’t feel like my life is going in any direction I imagined going. This irks me. So in attempts to fix (or begin to fix) the situation, I’ve decided to start this blog. 

Last semester (I am a sophomore in college currently), I got the notion to start a blog in which I post a daily realization for a year in attempt to be a little happier. It lasted for about 70 days, and I became frustrated when nothing interesting was happening for me to post about. I wasn’t having quotable realizations. I was realizing I am broke, boring, and tired. So this time, I’ve made this my primary goal: post. Not once a day, not once a week, or not once a month…just post

My second goal this time around is to not expect a masterpiece every time I do post. I need to post what I feel like I need to post. It can be rambling; it can be complaining; it can be insightful. It just has to be something I cared enough about to post about. I’m not forcing myself to look for something to write about every single day; if it’s notable, I’ll know. 

And my third goal for this new project is to be Jacqie. While I’m not entirely sure what that is at this very moment, I know what it’s not. I’m not going to cloak myself as some Socrates level philosopher in my posts. That’s not me. Sometimes I do have words of wisdom, but they usually are in modern language, not perfectly sculpted sentences worthy of books and awards. So I’m just going to be Jacqie: sarcastic, witty, 19, ignorant, wise, passionate, and imperfect.