As previously mentioned, I have a lot of friends transitioning from high to school to college living. I’ve compiled a list of beauty products I found I needed and used frequently while I was living in a dorm my freshman year (And I just think everyone needs most of these).

Let’s continue.

Some of my essentials. I apologize for a lack of a shower caddy, though.

Some of my essentials. I apologize for a lack of a shower caddy, though.

  1. Dry Shampoo/Baby Powder: While I have had more luck with baby powder, dry shampoo is really good for college students. I found I didn’t have nearly enough time to wash my hair every day (how do girls do it?), so I would just sprinkle some baby powder in my hair to absorb the oil, style, and go on with my day. I would sometimes touch it up throughout the day if it was hot.
  2. Makeup Removing Wipes/Baby Wipes: Again, while I opted for baby wipes, makeup removing wipes were a huge realization for me. In college, I really got into the habit of always washing my makeup off in the evenings. Makeup wipes allowed me to do that even if I was tired, rushed for time, or stumbling in late (it happens, I know). It’s not a permanent alternative to washing your face, but it suffices on occasion.
  3. Face Masks: Face masks are probably my favourite part of my skincare routine; I probably use them 2-4 times a week. Any kind of mask you like will suffice; I feel they are relaxing, and during college, you may want a little relaxation time. Some of my favorites right now are my Elizabeth Arden Deep Cleansing Mask (discontinued [sorry]; but it’s a clay based mask and similar can be found elsewhere)¬†and a homemade mask in which I mix: honey, extra-virgin olive oil, and cinnamon. The honey works against acne; the EVOO is softening; and the cinnamon works as an exfoliate.
  4. Hand Sanitizer: I prefer the sanitizers from Bath & Body Works, because they are small and come in nice scents. I found in college, with all of the public transportation, door knobs, desks, computers, everything, I used hand sanitizer more often than usual. I’m not a germ freak, but it makes me feel better.
  5. Loofa: This may seem like a silly item to add, but it made me feel more at home in my communal shower on my dorm floor.
  6. What good is a loofa if you don’t have a yummy shower gel? I always felt there was no need to skimp and get a cheap shower gel just because I was in college. Boreman North (my dorm hall) was my home away from home for 10 months! I wanted to feel at home. Now, you don’t have to purchase expensive shower products. I just mean buy one you really like–it’s nourishing and smells delicious. It’ll make you feel better; at least, it made me feel better.
  7. Speaking of dorm showers, purchase some cheap flip flops. I went through about four pairs of these whilst residing in Boreman. We had community ¬†bathrooms, meaning community showers. It wasn’t as bad as it seems, trust me. But you do want to wear flip flops to prevent any fungus (gross, but real) and bacteria.
  8. Concealer: I found myself pulling a few all nighters due to studying and some late nights in college; therefore, I also found myself trying out some different concealers. Right now, I’m loving my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, MAKE UP FOR EVER concealer palette, and Covergirl Fresh Complexion concealer. A good concealer can cover redness, spots, or under eye circles. Find one that works for you, and no one will ever know you didn’t sleep last night.
  9. Stand-Out Lip Color: I know not everyone is as into bright lips as I am, but hear me out. Remember those sleepless nights I was talking about? If you find you are rushing in the morning to get ready, some mascara and a bright lip can make you look like you tried when, in reality, it took you two minutes to put your makeup on. Find a lip color that works for you: If you like lip gloss, find a pretty, pink shade. If you like lipstick, a coral would look nice. If you like lip balm, find a tinted lip balm. It’ll come in handy.
  10. Finally, find a shower caddy to tote all of this around in. You can find these anywhere, and it makes life so much simpler when you have to walk down the hall to wash your face.

What are some beauty items you think are essential for incoming college students? Leave a comment letting me know!

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