I’ve been getting a little discouraged from a lack of interesting topics to post about here, but remembering the three resolutions I made for myself (in the previous post), I decided to not let myself fret too much. So sitting at home last night, drinking some tea, I decided to compile a list of facts about me–which very well may be the most cliche blog post of all time, but it calmed my worry. 

  1. I thoroughly enjoy children’s literature. There’s something so calming about reading a book without complex themes. Sometimes good prevailing over evil is a very enlightening story to read. Not to mention, the illustrations, clever names, and opportunity to share insights with my beautiful 7 and 4 year old cousins are an added bonus. Adult novels are great, and I obviously read them frequently. But I do love to sit down and be able to read new children literature as well as my classic favorites such as “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” “The Secret Garden,” “The Chronicles of Narnia,” and “Harry Potter.”
  2. I am an obsessive note-taker. I will take notes while watching TV or reading casually. I can’t explain why. But I feel like it’d be considered a positive trait over a negative trait, even if it’s a little weird.
  3. I honestly enjoy going to class, researching, and talking for the purpose of learning. There’s so much out there to know. I want to find out as much as possible. There are so many fascinating things to be learned.  Learning is fun!
  4. Cleaning and baking calm me, so I do them both frequently.
  5. I can’t leave the house without putting lipstick on. Red is my go-to.
  6. George Clooney is my ultimate guy crush.
  7. There is nothing like escaping in a good book when you’re feeling stressed. And I must read before bed, only if I’m in my own bed.
  8. I’m a candle lover. The Yankee store is like Heaven.
  9. I highly enjoy crossing tasks off of my to do list. I get a kind of thrill from it.
  10. I am guilty of frequently giving myself pep talks in the bathroom mirror if I’m in need. There’s nothing like talking yourself through a problem to make yourself feel better. Sometimes simply talking it out can uplift me.
  11. I don’t like dancing. I get no enjoyment from it, and I don’t find it fun.
  12. I’m a fashion merchandising student at West Virginia University. My dream is to work for Pantone doing color forecasting.
  13. I am obsessed with weddings. I love weddings and how happy people are at their weddings. It’s a special of happy. My Tumblr is full of photos of wedding inspiration. However, I have never been so single in my life.
  14. If I’m outside, I’m in sunglasses, usually oversized.
  15. I am waiting impatiently for the day when I can purchase my first pair of Louboutins. (Shoes, for those of you who are unaware of the glory)
  16. I oftentimes say I was born in the wrong century, in the wrong country. I find myself to behave very European for an American. I also find myself to be the only person who wouldn’t mind bringing bustles and corsets back for a while. It just seems so elegant.
  17. My regular morning routine consists of drinking at least four cups of black coffee, making my daily to do list, and checking my e-mail and various social media feeds.
  18. Speaking of lists, I make them like a mad person. I have lists for everything. Sometimes, I even find myself making lists of my lists. The other day, I added “Make grocery list” to my to do list!
  19. I write lyrics. Now, where I’m from, no one thinks you’re talented unless you play sports, sing, or can play an instrument. I fall into the “None of the above” category. But I write. And I enjoy writing. And I’m fairly good. But no one takes notice. But that doesn’t stop me. So, if you are a good soul who’s interested: theloversplaylist.blogspot.com is where you can find what are mostly teenage love songs.
  20. I consider myself to be a very reverent agnostic in terms of religion. I’ve gone through phases with Christianity, and by no means, do I discredit any religion. I enjoy reading and learning about all forms of spirituality but don’t identify myself with a specific form. I appreciate different aspects of various religions and have meshed them all into a way of thinking.
  21. Makeup is one of my few passionate interests. I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube: icallitambrosia, NikkiTutorials, Pixwoo, Pixi2woo, and Abb3rz07 are a few of my favorites. I also enjoy playing around with makeup and trying new products. Being in college, girls constantly are asking me to do their makeup for weekends out or other events around campus. I never turn them down.
  22. Orchids are my favorite flower.
  23. I have a very hard time being productive in rooms I don’t find aesthetically pleasing. And I’m a firm believer in color psychology.
  24. I’m still trying to figure out who “Jacqie” is.
  25. I’m okay. But I’m not happy. I’m trying to be happy.  


I figured this would be a good place and a good post. And I figured this would give you all a chance to get to know a little about me. 


Until next time,